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Our Five Stage
Advice Process

Working Together in Partnership

Questa Chartered's Premium Review Service follows a five stage process to help clients achieve value and a strong financial future.

Stage One - Review Meeting

The review will take into account any material changes since your last review that may affect any future financial planning.

The review will address current aims and objectives as well as your financial position. We will discuss the performance of your portfolio since the last review.

The review can be carried out face-to-face, or via video or telephone conference. A record

of all conversations will be documented and where applicable minutes of the meeting will be provided.

Stage Two - Analyse

Using internal and external technical research we will prepare a review report to suit your individual objectives. This will be prepared taking into account your attitude to risk, your time horizon, associated costs, past performance, asset allocation, expected returns and maximise any tax allowances available to you.

Our analysis process will address the following (where applicable):

  • Access the suitability of your existing portfolio
  • Rebalance your portfolio to ensure it is in line with your own personal risk profile and objectives. This will include
    • An analysis of the performance of your portfolio since the last review
    • Discussion on current markets and overview in relation to your portfolio holdings
    • Review of current investment strategy
  • Consider tax planning opportunities
  • Recommendations on utilisation of relevant tax allowances available
  • Review of estate planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Income in retirement analysis
  • Protection analysis
  • Implications of legislation changes

The analysis may typically take two weeks to complete.

Should there be any delays in the preparation of the review report, we will keep you fully informed.

Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice.

Stage Three - Our Recommendations

The report will comprehensively outline

your current financial position and include our professional observations in each area. We will present our review report and discuss any recommendations. Depending on the complexity of the report, we may present the report face-to-face or send to you in the post.

By examining these observations against your stated objectives, we will minimise any risks we have identified and maximise opportunities for achieving your goals.

These actions may cover various time horizons such as immediate implementations or considerations for the future dependent on any known or foreseeable events.

At this stage if you have any questions about any aspect of the review report please ask.

It is important you fully understand the reasons and rationale for our recommendations.

Stage Four - Action

Should you wish to proceed with our recommendations, all the necessary documentation and payments will be forwarded to the relevant provider(s).

Questa Chartered does not hold client money and any cheques for investments should be made payable to the provider as directed.

We will only accept a cheque made payable to Questa in settlement of our professional fees.

Please note that for audit purposes, details

of any transactions undertaken through Questa Chartered are recorded on our back office system.

Stage Five - Confirm Investment Service

An essential part of our services is the review process. In line with your chosen Investment Service, we will regularly review your financial circumstances to ensure that it continues to meet your objectives and goals.

The cost for this Investment Service will be based on a percentage of the portfolio to be monitored or an agreed fee, subject to a minimum fee of £500. For example:

1% per annum of the value of your portfolio, payable monthly (0.083% per month)

As an example, a portfolio of £250,000 would attract a fee of £208.33 per month. The fee will be assessed on the anniversary of the service being adopted and will remain unaltered until the next annual review.

Depending upon the size of the portfolio or the complexity of your affairs, there may be additional fees to cover the cost of providing you with review/planning meetings; this fee will be payable by standing order either monthly or annually.

"We will assess whether we can add value to your financial planning and help you decide whether you wish to benefit from our services"