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How Much Will New Reduced Wrap Platform Charges Save You?

By Questa Chartered

Great news is on the horizon for Questa clients as Abrdn Wrap Platform is set to reduce its charges by 31st March 2025. This update promises to enhance the value of your investments, making it an opportune moment to review and possibly reallocate your financial portfolio.

Enjoy Lower Costs Across the Board

One of the most compelling benefits of the new reduced platform charges is the direct savings for clients. Here’s how the new structure compares:

New Simplified Pricing Structure

  • £0 – £250,000: Reduced from 0.35% to 0.30%
  • £250,000 – £500,000: Reduced from 0.25% to 0.20%
  • £500,000 – £750,000: New rate of 0.10%
  • £750,000 – £1m: New rate of 0.15%
  • £1m+: Consistent rate of 0.10%

For example, a client with £1m in Platform Eligible Assets (PEA) previously paid an average of 0.21% in platform fees, which would now reduce significantly under the new structure. This translates to substantial savings, enhancing overall portfolio returns.

Practical Examples of Savings

Imagine a client with a portfolio of £500,000. Under the old fee structure, this client would pay a platform charge of £1,250 annually (0.25%). With the new rate of 0.20%, this fee drops to £1,000 per year, saving £250 annually. For larger portfolios, the savings are even more pronounced, enabling clients to retain more of their returns.

Stay Informed and Engaged

The reduced platform charges underline Abrdn’s commitment to delivering value while continuously investing in new solutions.

The price reduction results from enhanced efficiencies and scale benefits achieved through last year’s platform upgrade. The simplified three-tier structure also demonstrates a commitment to providing a straightforward and beneficial client experience.

For further details or personal advice on how these changes can benefit your specific situation, speak to your Questa financial adviser today. The new pricing structure is a strategic opportunity to boost your investment returns while enjoying enhanced service and simplified fee arrangements.

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