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This page is exclusively for the brave challengers taking part in the Questa Charity Cycle Ride on Sunday, August 27th.



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Time / Distance Event Location.
You can click on these links.
08:00 Arrive to load bikes Lytham Cricket Club Car parking available
08:30 Set off to Manchester Lytham Cricket Club
09:30 Arrive at Manchester Waterfront Quay, Salford M50 3XW
09:45 Route Q and A Waterfront Quay, Salford M50 3XW
10:00 Ride begins Waterfront Quay, Salford M50 3XW
10 miles First Refreshment Stop Newland Drive, Over Hulton Just before ‘Milk Maids’
20 miles Second Refreshment Stop Burgh Lane, Chorley Just off the B5252
30 miles Third Refreshment Stop Off Navigation Way, Preston Docks By the cranes, before the swing bridge
40 miles Arrive back Lytham Cricket Club

Safety Advice

  • Staggered Start: To ensure everyone’s safety and reduce congestion on the road, we won’t be setting off all at once. This will minimise our impact on regular road traffic.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with group riding, please familiarise yourself with common hand signals and group ride protocols. Maintaining communication with your fellow riders is crucial. Always keep a safe following distance from the rider ahead of you.
  • Helmets are mandatory. We also recommend wearing any other protective gear and use bike lights for your safety.
  • We have support and marshals. They can assist with minor bike issues. If you face mechanical challenges, let us know, and we’ll help where we can.

Amanda Hoskisson 07803 908987
John Nichol 07747 772504
James White (Apex) 07590 099450

  • We’ve scheduled hydration and nutrition stops at 10-mile intervals. These stops are marked B,C and D on the map above. Please ensure you stay hydrated and take breaks as needed.
  • Keep an eye on the weather, and please dress accordingly. For visibility, wear brightly coloured or reflective gear.

Above all, please prepare and take care of yourselves and your bikes. Make sure you are healthy enough to take part. Keep an eye on the weather and dress safely, visibly and apppropriately. And here’s some more great advice.

Social Media

We’d love you to share your favourite pictures of the event. If you use the hashtag #questabikeride we’ll keep our eyes peeled on the conversation and share any we find.


On Sunday, August 27th, I’m riding 40 miles from Manchester Media City to The Windmill in Lytham. 🚲 The ride will raise much-needed funds for The Boathouse Youth. This local charity does amazing work, providing support and opportunities for young people. Every penny we raise will go a long way in making a positive impact on their lives.  To sponsor me and contribute to this remarkable cause, please visit our JustGiving page:  #questabikeride




We hope to raise as much money as possible for The Boathouse Youth. Your efforts can be rewarded here:

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