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How Can You Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit?

By Questa Chartered

The entrepreneurial spirit is catching fire across the UK, with a significant portion of the population considering taking the plunge into business ownership. According to a recent survey by Enterprise Nation, 35% of Brits are contemplating starting their own business in 2024, showing a noticeable increase from 30% in the previous year. An additional 23% are not ready to start their entrepreneurial journey this year, though they have plans to do so eventually. How can you embrace your entrepreneurial spirit?


Understand the Surge in New Businesses


The interest in entrepreneurship is paralleled by a surge in new business formations. Data from the NatWest and Beauhurst New Startup Index indicates that a record 900,000 companies were established in 2023, marking a 12% increase from 2022.


This growth occurs despite economic challenges such as slow overall growth, high inflation, and rising interest rates, which might typically deter such risky endeavours.


Why Choose Entrepreneurship?


Entrepreneurship appeals not only as a financial necessity but also as a lifestyle choice that promises improved quality of life and personal satisfaction. The Enterprise Nation survey highlighted that 24% of potential entrepreneurs are driven by the desire to be their own boss.


Meanwhile, 38% aim to monetise a personal skill or hobby. These motivations underscore the shift towards seeking more than just economic gains from entrepreneurial activities.


Realise the Impact of Small Businesses


The creation of small businesses significantly boosts the UK economy. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute to three-fifths of employment and about half of all private sector turnover in the UK. This sector’s vitality is crucial, especially when broader economic growth is anaemic.


Act Now: Seek Advice and Thrive


For those looking to start their own business, it is crucial to seek professional advice. Expert guidance can ensure new entrepreneurs manage their finances effectively and adhere to necessary regulations, such as tax laws. 


By consulting certified financial planners or adhering to guidelines set by the Financial Conduct Authority, budding entrepreneurs can enhance their chances of success.


Embracing entrepreneurship offers numerous rewards, including financial independence, personal fulfilment, and a significant role in bolstering the national economy.


With the right preparation and resources, new business owners in the UK can navigate their way to prosperous and satisfying careers as entrepreneurs. This path not only promises personal achievements but also strengthens the economic fabric of the country.

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