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Questa Takes on Manchester to Lytham Cycling Challenge for Charity

By Questa Chartered

Anthony Hoskisson, the managing director of financial planning practice Questa in Blackpool, is gearing up for an inspiring challenge that will test his physical limits for worthy local cause, The Boathouse Youth. 


Having undergone two knee replacements due to wear and tear from sports, including rugby, Anthony is determined to conquer ‘The Questa Charity Bike Ride’.

Manchester to Lytham Cycling Challenge Route


The cycling challenge on Sunday, August 27th, will see Anthony join more than 20 of his colleagues and friends to embark on a four-hour, 40-mile journey from Manchester Media City to The Windmill in Lytham. 


Despite his second knee operation just 8 months ago, Anthony is determined to complete the challenge and make a difference. 


Anthony Hoskisson said: “Three years ago, I could barely walk. Today, thanks to the care and attention I’ve received from some skilled medics and nursing professionals, I’m fitter than ever and raring to go. From barely walking to cycling 40 miles is quite some transformation.


“I wanted to do something to show how grateful I am. And that’s where the idea for a cycling challenge came about. When I talked about taking on the challenge, colleagues and friends asked if they could get involved too. So the whole event has taken on a life of its own. Hopefully, together, we can raise some money for The Boathouse Youth charity.”

The Boathouse Youth is a local charity dedicated to improving the lives of children from socio-economically deprived communities across Blackpool. It provides them with crucial educational resources, mentoring, and support, empowering them to tackle the challenges they’re experiencing and build a brighter future.


The Questa Charity Bike Ride will culminate in a post-ride celebration at Lytham Cricket Club, where participants, supporters, and members of the community will come together to celebrate this incredible feat and the collective efforts in giving back to society


How to donate to the Manchester to Lytham Cycling Challenge

For more information about The Boathouse Youth and how to contribute to this remarkable cause, please visit 

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