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Sporting highlight: Celebrating Fylde Rugby Club

By cfmaster

As many of you already know, we love to get involved in our local community and we have many good relationships with a number of sports teams along the Fylde Coast. However, there is one sporting institution that Questa have been a part of since our inception, and that’s Fylde RUFC

The club celebrated their 100 year anniversary this year, so we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to talk about our historic connection to the club.

Anthony’s first interaction with the Fylde RUFC goes back to 1956 when his father, Rodney, played his first game for the club.  Anthony started playing for the club over a decade later in 1973, attending the first ever Mini-Junior rugby Sunday morning session. And Anthony’s illustrious rugby career didn’t stop there. He continued to play for Fylde for most of his youth, captaining the Colts side and playing for all the other sides at the club, bar the 1st XV. His son, Oliver, has now taken up the torch and currently plays for the under 13’s. 

Whilst Anthony has hung up his playing boots, it hasn’t stopped him from serving as an official for the club and coaching some of the junior sides. One of his favourite times with Fylde was being part of the committee that brought 2003 Rugby World Cup winner Jason Robinson back to the club, amongst a whole host of other great memories. 

Since Questa began, we’ve always loved supporting the club through kit and ball sponsorships. If you attend games at the club, there’s a high chance you’ll see Questa’s name loud and proud amongst the rest. We employ players from the club both past and present, with our very own Ralph Dowds currently playing centre for the 1st XV. 

When we’re asked why we support the club, the answer is twofold. The first part is that we love having the opportunity to further establish Questa as a local name in the area; the second is best summed up by Anthony himself: 

“We do it to help a local club prosper and Fylde have been such an important part of Questa’s journey. We hope to help set the foundations so that the club enjoys another 100 years!”

Questa takes immense pride in being an active part of our local community, and we’ll continue to be avid and active supporters of the club – we look forward to many more years supporting such an integral part of Fylde’s history.  

If you would like to find out more about Questa’s services so we can help you to achieve financial peace of mind, don’t hesitate to get in contact

Below: A young Anthony pictured at the Woodlands (back row, 4th from the right)

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