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Top tips to embrace the lighter evenings

By cfmaster

Recent research from YouGov has found that half of all Brits think that British Summer Time (BST) should continue, compared to just 38% who believe the practice of putting our clocks forward in March and back again in October should be scrapped. The biggest BST fans were those in the 18-24 bracket, where 65% wanted it to continue compared to just 20% who didn’t. The scales tipped marginally in the opposite direction at the other end of the age scale, with 45% of over 65s in favour of BST compared to 49% against it.

So, what are some of the best ways to take advantage of your extra hour of daylight now that the winter is officially behind us? Here are a few of our favourite suggestions:

Make the most of your walk – It’s likely that if you’ve gone for a proper walk at all during the winter months, it’s been to exercise a four-legged friend and the cold and dark have meant that you’ve kept it as short as possible. With the weather gradually warming up (but not yet a sweltering heatwave) and the brighter evenings inviting you out, now is the time to get out and walk. If you head straight out after returning home from work on weekdays, you’ve got a good few hours of light to allow you to explore parks, forests, beaches and anywhere else you can get to, whilst enjoying a few breathtaking sunsets as well.

Try something a bit different – For those looking to take their outdoor activities to the next level, why not see what opportunities there are to turn an evening ramble into a proper adventure. Geocaching adds an element of challenge with some real world treasure hunting, and a quick Google search reveals the historic walks you can take through many of the UK’s cities, safely guiding you through parts of your urban home you never knew existed.

Break out the barbecue – Don’t wait for the long hot summers to fire up the charcoal briquettes! A spring barbecue in the evening can be a great way to get friends and family together after work or at the end of the week, without worrying about heatstroke and wasps. And if you’re not too keen on playing the outdoor chef, see what al fresco dining experiences are available near you and experience somewhere new – or somewhere you already know, but from a new perspective.

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