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Review and assess your full financial situation to create a personal plan to achieve specified goals

Financial planning is at the heart of a strong financial future and Questa Chartered provides a range of services to suit all needs. From advice on specific requirements to long term planning, we help clients identify the most appropriate solutions to deliver financial stability for you and your beneficiaries.

Our Services

  • Full Financial Planning Review
  • Technical/Specialist Planning Report and Advice (one off)
  • Single transactional advice
  • Professional Adviser Report (one off)

Full Financial Planning Review

Our Full Financial Planning Review assesses your full current and future financial situation enabling our planners to create a personal plan in line with specified goals and objectives.

It can be blended with on-going support because your personal circumstances can change several times in a year, as can the financial world. By meeting regularly and reviewing your personal plan we can be sure you're on track to meet your aims and objectives.

Technical/Specialist Planning Report and Advice (one off)

Questa's Technical/Specialist Planning Report and Advice is aimed at helping clients reach a key decision. For example, you might be deciding whether to stay in your employer's pension scheme. Our expertise and specialist tools, such as cash flow forecasting, can help you see your financial future in a new light.

Single transactional advice

Single transactional advice is a useful service for those with specific financial requirements, for example obtaining a mortgage or taking retirement benefits. If a client does not require a Full Financial Planning Review but needs advice for a specific task, then this service is most appropriate.

Professional Adviser Report (one off)

Questa's Professional Adviser Report service is available for third party professionals such as solicitors or accountants.

Our Five Stage Advice Process

Financial planning gives you the reassurance that you're doing the right thing. Our five stage advice process demonstrates how we make it happen.